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Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati
Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati

Park Associati is a top Italian architectural firm that was founded by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi in 2000. This prestigious company is defined through three major keys that highly contribute to the development of their projects, as well as their professional ethos and journey throughout the years, which are Listening, Intuition and Experimentation. They share an amazing portfolio in many different areas such as workplaces, retail, residential, hospitality and many more. In an exclusive interview, we had the exclusive access to a pleasant conversation with the company founders about design! Milan Design Agenda will be showing you the full details.


Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati A contemporary entryway with an exclusive sideboard


Meet Park Associati, a top Italian architectural company that’s defined through their ability to listen, intuition and experimentation, which are the main trademarks of their design culture as professionals in this industry. Their incredible abilities gave them sensitivity to recognized that “each project is different, has its own path and its own autonomy. Every new project is an opportunity for us to learn and experiment”.

Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati

The main goal of Park Associati is definitely to deliver the most authentic project, and more than that, to perfectly reflect the vision of every client with precision. They are able to perform it very clearly, through the interpretation and analysis of every factor, depending on the project. They commit 100% to each project individually, because they want tocreate projects that become a reference point not only for those who commissioned it but also for the community where the project is inserted”.

Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati

This authentic and extraordinary company does not appreciate the concept of the word style, in order to describe themselves. Instead, they firmly believe that they share a unique method to perform their work, which meets the mains trademarks of their design culture. “We don’t like the word style, we prefer to use the word method. Ours is made of listening, intuition and experimentation to face the project in a more open way to new solutions, without the constraints and the limits that binding to style necessarily leads you to suffer”.

Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati

Those three major keys are important to this company, due to the fact that it stands as an anthem to excel in their work. For the listening skill, it sits on the power to understand the elements that highly contribute to each project. Their intuition serves as the factor that brings all the quality needed to finish a project. As far as the experimentation goes, Park Associati likes to tackle the most diverse projects with a broad spectrum of interventions, ranging from urban planning to design.

Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati

With an incredible and large portfolio on many different areas such as hospitality, retail, residential and many others, they have delivered incredible and proud projects, but have yet to fulfil the dream of “designing a museum”. Of course that, through their professional journey they have encountered many difficulties, “whenever the studio has had to face a change of project and scale, through the consequence of organization”. But it’s in those moments that they stop to clarify their goals and being reminded of why they started this company in the first place.

Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati

They insist on using communication with their clients in order to improve their company, because they “care a lot about the communicative quality of our work, so much so that communication is part of the project itself. We try to use all communication tools the most appropriate”. With that in mind, they also clarify that their client type does not need a “precise typology because the customers have different cultural and national backgrounds”. They are able to adapt to each client, creating amazing results, in many different styles, maintaining always the authentic and eclectic concept.

Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati

Right now, Park Associati is “experimenting design fields related to new ways of living and evolution of urban lifestyles, especially for the age group ranging from 19 to 35 years: therefore students, and residences for teachers and young professionals”. They are adventuring on the design area that’s so broad and perfect to experiment with many different and exciting tools.

Have a Look at the Work from Park Associati


For the future, the Milan-based design firm firmly believes that “design will increasingly focus on aspects of a social and political nature and less on order aesthetic and functional. It will relate more to the collective aspects of our life, linking up with new one’s technologies and sciences. We will have to think less about objects and more about environmental systems, or a microstructure”. The design will be all around, and it will also bring awareness to many issues that the world faces nowadays.


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