Unveiling The Best Design Stands at Salone del Mobile 2024 – Milan Design Agenda.


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Salone del Mobile 2024: The Highlights

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Unveiling The Best Design Stands at Salone del Mobile 2024
Unveiling The Best Design Stands at Salone del Mobile 2024

Unveiling The Best Design Stands at Salone del Mobile 2024


The design world congregates in Milan, for the annual extravaganza of creativity, innovation, and inspiration Salone del Mobile. Amidst the bustling crowds and the whirlwind of design concepts, several stands are captivating visitors with their ingenuity, elegance, and sheer brilliance. Salone del Mobile 2024 is a testament to the boundless originality that defines the world of design. Here, we unravel the crème de la crème of the event, showcasing the best stands that promise endless possibilities and endless inspiration for generations to come.



Covet Group Brands

Hall 15 | G25-G27 H26-H28


Covet House


Established as a haven for discerning clientele in search of exquisite furnishings, Covet House has garnered acclaim for its impeccable taste, attention to detail, and commitment to craftsmanship. Since its inception, Covet House has curated an eclectic range of pieces from renowned designers and brands worldwide, each reflecting a distinct blend of style, quality, and innovation

Circu Magical Furniture



Circu Magical Furniture is a leading luxury furniture brand renowned for its enchanting and imaginative designs tailored for children’s spaces. Established with a vision to create magical environments that spark creativity and wonder, Circu has captured the hearts of parents and children alike with its whimsical and innovative collections.


Boca do Lobo



Each creation by Boca do Lobo carries the legacy of centuries of craftsmanship. In the workshops, talented artisans challenge and combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods to shape the finest materials into remarkable furniture, upholstery and lighting pieces, which gives rise to timeless cosmopolitan environments.




An aesthetic that can be instantly recognized as being Luxxu. High-quality, luxurious pieces that can be brought together in the creation of an interior decorated solely with the brand’s designs. A harmonious synthesis between innovation and tradition, the rare handwork techniques of the craftsman, and modern creativity. This is where you will also find Pullcast, the ultimate brand of jewelry hardware.






Brabbu is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. With a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting and rugs and, through sensory design, the brand passes on a unique experience in every piece we design and produce. Besides Brabbu, here you’ll also find amazing designs by Rug’Society and Home’Society.


Essential Home + Delightfull



Essential Home’s goal is to create the ultimate time-traveling experience inside a single space, presenting mid-century modern furniture pieces that include a contemporary twist. Delightfull brings a fresh reinterpretation of mid-century lighting design, reviving design and inspirational art from the 40s to 70s.


Maison Valentina

Hall 10 | A07



Maison Valentina is a luxury bathroom brand renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs. With a commitment to creating unparalleled experiences in bathroom design, Maison Valentina combines fine materials, meticulous attention to detail, and contemporary aesthetics to redefine the notion of luxury bathrooms.



Hall 09 | H10 G09



At the core of Baxter‘s design philosophy lies a deep appreciation for materials and their expressive potential. From luxurious leathers to exotic woods and innovative textiles, the brand’s collections are a celebration of texture, color, and form, inviting tactile exploration and sensory delight.




Hall 09 | A03-B02



Established in 1948 in the heart of Brianza, Italy – a region renowned for its rich tradition of craftsmanship – Porada has become synonymous with timeless elegance, impeccable quality, and innovative design.



Hall 09 | L11-M06



Founded in 1959 by the Cavalli family in the picturesque city of Bologna, Visionnaire has remained true to its roots while continually evolving to meet the changing needs and tastes of its discerning clientele.



Hall 09 | A05 A09 B05 C06 C12



With a commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a keen eye for evolving design trends, Poliform has earned a global reputation for creating timeless pieces that seamlessly blend form and function.



Hall 09 | E05 E11 F02 F08



Flexform is a family affair. Now in its third generation, Flexform was founded in the Brianza furniture manufacturing district in Northern Italy. The unique global phenomenon of Italian furniture design originated there in the 1960s.


Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcastCovet CollectionHomesocietyMid-century Club



S.Project | 22 | A19 A21



Antoniolupi is a renowned brand in the world of luxury bathroom design, synonymous with innovation, elegance, and quality craftsmanship. Founded in Tuscany, Italy, in the 1950s by Antonio Lupi, the brand has since become a leading name in the industry, consistently pushing boundaries with its avant-garde designs and cutting-edge technologies.



Hall 13 | C10



Boffi is celebrated for its minimalist aesthetic, high-quality materials, and innovative design concepts, seamlessly integrating form and function to create spaces that inspire and delight. With a commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability, Boffi continues to push the boundaries of design, collaborating with leading architects and designers to offer discerning clients around the world bespoke solutions that elevate the art of modern living.


De Castelli

Hall 24 | B01 B02



Founded in 2003 in Italy’s Veneto region, De Castelli has swiftly become a beacon of excellence in the realm of bespoke metal furnishings and architectural elements.



Hall 22 | E15 E25 F16 F20




With a philosophy rooted in experimentation and artistic expression, Edra collaborates with leading designers and artisans to produce furniture that transcends mere functionality, becoming sculptural statements that evoke emotion and intrigue. Each Edra piece is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and the pursuit of beauty, inviting users to immerse themselves in a world where imagination knows no bounds.



Giorgio Collection

Hall 13 | A01 B03 C02



From opulent bedroom sets to refined living room furnishings, Giorgio Collection offers a diverse range of exquisitely designed furniture that reflects timeless beauty and impeccable taste. With a commitment to innovation and attention to detail, the brand continues to set the standard for luxury living, captivating discerning clientele worldwide with its unparalleled dedication to excellence in design and craftsmanship.



Hall 22 | A11 B10 B15 C12 C18



Being a design company allows Kartell to express its creativity on multiple fronts. The commitment is to look to the long term and to design and produce objects that will not suffer from the passage of time. Pursuing creativity is the choice of the company to be able to work on different materials without preclusions.



Hall 13 | A09 B10



Turri epitomizes the essence of Italian luxury furniture, synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship, opulent design, and timeless elegance. Established in 1925 in Brianza, Italy, by Pasquale Turri, the brand has remained at the forefront of the industry, captivating discerning clientele with its impeccable attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to quality.



Hall 22 | H14 H16



Founded in 2010 in Valencia, Spain, by designer Ramón Esteve, Vondom has quickly risen to prominence, captivating design enthusiasts worldwide with its bold and sculptural creations. Embracing the latest technologies and sustainable practices, Vondom redefines outdoor living, offering a diverse range of furniture, lighting, and decorative pieces that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.




Hall 11 | A15 B12



Elegance, harmony, emotion but above all comfort: the products presented by Flou are the result of research that is reviewed annually in terms of aesthetics and function, wellness and quality, for rooms to be enjoyed in the spirit of beauty and a revitalized desire for harmony with the surroundings.



Hall 11 | B15 C20



The story of Lema is that of Made in Italy, which, by skilfully mixing innovation and tradition, has made quality and customization its strengths. The strength of the company lies in its extraordinary manufacturing capacity which, over the years, has allowed it to combine the values ​​of traditional craftsmanship with the most innovative technologies. Great care is taken at each stage of production, from design to final product, thanks to the emphasis on quality and the close working relationship with the designers.



Hall 11 | D15 E18



Founded in 1925 in the Brianza area, by tradition the Italian cradle of high-quality furniture manufacturing, today Porro is an international brand characterized by an intrinsic ability to select, work and interpret wood, offering an incredibly wide and accurate range of finishings and using it in unexpected ways by implementing cutting-edge technologies for glossy and matt lacquers alongside fine woodworking techniques of the past.



Hall 11 | E15 G12 G16 E27 G22



Central to the Minotti identity is the full expression of the “Made in Italy” concept, which today permanently melds tradition and innovation: the skills of talented artisan are employed to finish a product created by modern technologies, while the intelligence of the hands balances industrial precision with sensitivity and emotion.


Are you at Salone del Mobile 2024?



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