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Know 100 of the best Italian Interior Designers of all time (PT2)
Know 100 of the best Italian Interior Designers of all time (PT2)

Discover the best of the best Italian Interior designers who have been contributing to the amazing name that Italy still holds regarding design as a whole. Milan Design Agenda is continuing with an amazing which will be featuring 100 of the most amazing interior designers of all time. After an amazing part 1 with 20 amazing names, we continue the trend with part 2 featuring 20 more amazing names.


Prima Design

Know 100 of the best Italian Interior Designers of all time (PT2)
Photo credits belong to Prima Design

Lead by James Cavagnari and headquartered in Florence, Italy, Prima Design has a great international presence, having been responsible for more than 300 inspiring projects around the world mainly in the commercial and residential areas. Aside from having a characteristically Italian approach to its projects, the firm also has the advantage of working closely with a group of Tuscan craftsmen in a partnership which results in the production of original pieces that not only revisit centuries-old artisanal traditions but also push the boundaries of design.

Matteo Thun

Photo credits belong to Matteo Thun

Matteo Thun is a Milan based architect and designer who was born and raised in the bilingual German and Italian speaking region of South Tyrol, Italy. After studies with Oskar Kokoschka at the Architecture University of Florence, he co-founded the “Memphis” group in Milan in 1981 with Ettore Sottsass. In 1984, he opened his own studio in Milan and, in 2001, he founded Matteo Thun & Partners, where he worked in close collaboration with fellow design partner Antonio Rodriguez. They established an archi­tecture, interior, styling, and product design firm, with offices in Milan and Shanghai, creating and developing specific Asian projects with Italian creativity. This duo’s constant research for simplicity and functionality generates a timeless and iconic design, away from being solely visual.



Atelier Biagetti

Photo credits belong to Atelier Biagetti

Atelier Biagetti is a company that consists of the culmination of the work of both Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari. Both Biagetti and Baldassari are currently living and working in Milan, having had an extensive career before fate eventually brought them together to create Atelier Biagetti. Laura Baldassari started her collaboration with Alberto Biagetti in 2013 with the exhibition “One Minute Ago” (curated by Gabi Scardi at Galleria Riccardo Crespi). These two are used to be challenged by the boundaries between disciplines, while at the same time they draw inspiration from the world around them. Through their work, they aim to construct an immersive environment filled with clues and hints in which the objects become characters in the amazing design scenes.

Mario Bellini

PHoto credits belong to Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini is an Italian architect who graduated from the Milan Polytechnic – Faculty of Architecture in 1959 and began working as an architect solo during the early 1960s. 25 of Mario Bellini’s works are in the permanent design collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which dedicated to him a personal retrospective in 1987. He is also recognized internationally for projects such as the expansion of the Milan Trade Fair; the new Cultural Centre for the City of Turin; the Villa Erba Exhibition and Congress Centre in Cernobbio on Lake Como; the Tokyo Design Centre in Japan; the Natuzzi Headquarters in the U.S.


Photo credits belong to Arper

Arper consists of a furniture design company founded in 1989 as a family run business “guided by an integrative, human-centred approach”. This company creates tables, chairs and other furnishings with the main focus being centred around the factor of relationships by bringing together function, aesthetic, and detail and combining all of these elements into an elegant resolution. Six of their main keywords when it comes to their ethic regarding interior design are Balance, Family, Intuition, Light, Color, and Play.

Luigi Fragola Architects

Photo credits belong to Luigi Fragola Architects

Based in Florence, Italy, Luigi Fragola Architects consists of an international Architectural and Interior Design firm, which specializes in the creation of many immersive environments in many types of spaces. Among the company’s list of project types, we can enumerate interiors of high-end residential, restaurant, store, product design, and company image projects. Their style is best defined by their synergy of technology, Italian craftsmanship and design style which provides in many of these projects a great combination of classic sensibility blended with contemporary style.

Nichetto Studio

Photo credits belong to Nichetto Studio

This company was founded by Luca Nichetto as a multidisciplinary design studio in Venice, Italy which is specialized in industrial design, product design and design consultancy. This was a studio which has cooperated since 2006 with a number of different brands and organisations, which resulted in the firm quickly expanding its influence far beyond Venice and Italy’s borders.


Giorgio Armani/Armani Casa

Photo credits belong to Armani Casa

The name Giorgio Armani is definitely a strong name regarding fashion design, however, this legend also has his own take on interior design. As a matter of fact, his firm, named Armani Casa, is to this day considered as one of the best brands, related to luxury furniture, entirely made in Italy. It’s definitely the zenith of Italian design, incorporating its fashion perspective onto the contemporary design pieces they produce with extreme care and quality.

Marco Piva

Photo credits belong to Marco Piva

Marco Piva is another top reference when it comes to Milanese architecture, interior design and product conceptions. After leading the establishment of Studiodada Associates (one of the most representative companies of the period of Radical Design) the architect opened his studio during the 80s and since then, this firm has been known for handling projects mainly in the areas of architectural interior design, as well as industrial design. Seen as this is a company that has had many projects worldwide, Marco Piva has a careful approach to his design projects, by studying and creating design solutions defined as having compositional sobriety and stylistic freedom, adapting to the culture of the project at stake. Within Italy, he’s known for his work in the Hotel Excelsior Gallia.

Park Associati

Photo credits belong to Park Associati

Park Associati is an architectural design studio created in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi. The projects on an urban and architectonic scale are a good example of the group’s capacity to research solutions that can combine local identity and technological innovation. The projects of Park Associati have been showed in several exhibitions and published in Italian and international architecture magazines.

SAG’80 Group

Photo credits belong to SAG’80 Group

SAG’80 Group is an over 50-year-old company of design and furnishing located in Milan with four showrooms and selling points positioned in the most strategic areas of this city. Since the 80s, this company has been focused on working alongside leading companies specialized in furniture.

Dimore Studio

Photo credits belong to Dimore Studio

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran invested in the fields of Design, Art and Fashion, and founded Dimore Studio in 2003. This duo of contemporary designers carried out every project with their own unique signature style: pieces created by historical design master artisans merged with domestic materials and other modified objects to forge a singular atmosphere. Dimore Studio interprets memories and creates dreams, crossing the boundaries between art and design, fashion and architecture.

Celeste Dell’Anna

Photo credits belong to Celeste Dell’Anna

Celeste Dell’Anna is a company in which the elements define themselves as being, in their own words, “creators of sophisticated bespoke projects that are designed to enhance exclusive, luxury lifestyles”.The company provides an array of interior and architectural design services who become actively involved in all of the stages of the conception of an initial project. They also conceive, design and create bespoke furniture and interior finishes that manage to become timeless in their own way by taking inspiration from the latest techniques and materials, as well as putting their knowledge of historic architecture to good use.

Gaetano Pesce

Photo credits belong to Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce is a contemporary Italian industrial designer and architect and one of the greatest influences in the design style of Milan and Italy as a whole. He took on many projects throughout the years and is also notable for conceived public and private masterpieces in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. What’s most notable about Pesce’s work is mainly the fact that he expresses his guiding principle mainly focused on modernism as well as having some slight social critiques in many of his furniture pieces.


Photo credits belong to AIM

This creative platform based in Milan has a wide experience in dealing with architecture, interior design, research and concept development in many interior projects. This company has a team with varied backgrounds which allows them to easily take on distinct projects within residential, commercial, indoor and outdoor, projecting events and managing communication. Their take on design is that it’s supposed to be both a mean of expression and interaction.


M+N Architecture s.r.l.

Photo credits belong to M+N Architecture s.r.l.

This Italian architecture firm is the result of the fusion of two Florence firms: Marcon Architetti and nEmoGruppo Architetti. With this, they carry more than 35 years of expertise in interior design and architecture. Their services focus on architectural design, landscaping and sustainable design, interior and product design and even urban design. It’s an interdisciplinary type of company which has four main keywords in mind when approaching a new project: quality, reliability, sustainability and control.

Studio Peregalli

Photo credits belong to Studio Peregalli

Studio Peregalli consists of a design company made by a famous duo of interior designers.
Roberto Peregalli Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini are the creative geniuses behind the
success of the Studio Peregalli. Both of them have worked under the tutelage of the legendary Italian decorator Renzo Mongiardino until his death in 1998. This pair’s design work consists of a reinterpretation of classical Italian design forms, adapting them towards the future. One of the most impactful works they tackled was redecorating an amazing apartment in the heart of Milan, which was coincidentally the home of their former master.

Antonio Citterio

Photo credits belong to Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio is an Italian designer mostly known for his collaborations with prestige Italian brands, among them B&B Italia. He’s made several collections for the brand, most notably the Maxalto collection which was enrichened last year with some more elegant chairs, and seating systems, featuring new range extensions and new finishes. Citterio was one of the designers who collaborated with Consentini with the project “Deep Words Light”, an installation featured at the University of Milan as part of the “Interni, Energy for Creativity 2015” event.

Laura Pozzi

Photo credits belong to Laura Pozzi

Laura Pozzi created Laura Pozzi Studio in 2003, a business focused in styling, interior design, set-design and photo production. Laura herself has the role of stylist, creative director and executive producer in an interior design firm currently located in Follina, Treviso and in Milan. Aside from being the author of two books about Finnish decorations, she’s taken her 19-year-old career to the max, by mixing her visual moods of design, architecture and styling into each of her new projects. She takes on projects centres essentially around three main keywords: colours, emotions and simplicity.

Achille Salvagni

Photo credits belong to Achille Salvagni
Achille Salvagni is an Italian architect and designer who has been responsible for the conception of several types of interiors such as exclusive residences and luxury superyachts. His interior design studio, Salvagni Architetti, is located in Rome and when it comes to influences his inspiration comes mainly from both heritage and also from the design tendencies of today. With that fusion, he manages to bring to the table a whole new perspective when taking on a new challenge.

Spagnulo & Partners

Photo credits belong to Spagnulo & Partners

Founded by Federico Spagnulo and with the support of other design related people such as Alessandra Carbone and Andrea Spagnulo Spagnulo & Partners is a good example of a company that has craftsmanship as one of its great focuses and strengths, defining the distinctive way of doing “Italian Interiors”. They are known for projects for the whole world of Architecture and Design but they have a greater focus on luxury mansions and hotels, both in Italy and abroad.

Did you like this article about the 100 best interior designers in Italy? Which bespoke designer name do you expect to see in our upcoming articles? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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