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Know 100 of the best Italian Interior Designers of all time (PT3)
Know 100 of the best Italian Interior Designers of all time (PT3)


Discover the best of the best Italian Interior designers who have been contributing to the amazing name that Italy still holds regarding design as a whole. Milan Design Agenda will continue to bring you a complete list featuring 100 of the most amazing interior designers of all time. This is part 3 of our article 20 amazing names, we continue the trend with part 2 featuring 20 more amazing names.

Andrea Branzi

Know 100 of the best Italian Interior Designers of all time (PT3)
Photo credits go to Andrea Branzi

Known as the Mostro Sacro (sacred monster) of Italian Architecture,  Andrea Branzi is known for having many of his works exposed in the main capitals of the world. Born in Florence in 1938, he graduated in architecture in 1966 moving to Milan during the 70s. He’s known for creations such as Superonda, a sofa he designed in 1966 for Poltronova, and also No Stop City (1969 – 1972).

Modo Milano

Photo credits go to Modo Milano

This multidisciplinary Italian design consultancy company was established in  Italy with the goal of taking Italy’s heritage and inherent taste for beauty and design and sharing it worldwide. Ironically the Italian firm has established itself as one of the top leading forces of interior design in Dubai, having handled Architectural & Interior Design, Landscape Design, Procurement, Consultancy and Project Management in both countries. They count with the talents and expertise of Senior Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Feng-Shui expert, Technicians, and more, which allows them to successfully transmit the Italians’ high standard of expertise into each project.

Claudio Modola

Photo credits go to Claudio Modola

Italian architectural designer Claudio Modola created his own design company (Claudio Modola Design) almost 20 years ago, taking heavy inspiration from luminous Baroque towns of Southern Italy where he was raised. Since then, Claudio, along with his team have taken on many residential and commercial architectural projects, with the support of British project manager Andrea Mathison, which have an international touch to this firm’s style of work. On many of his projects, we can definitely detect a classical Italian inspiration while at the same time giving some modern touches.

Patricia Urquiola

Photo credits go to Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo and currently lives in Milan. Between 1990 and 1996 she worked for the development office of new products of “De Padova” and signed with Vico Magistretti the following products: “Flower”, “Loom sofa”, “Chaise” and “Chaise Longue”. Patricia won many design awards, such as Antares-Flos, Artelano, Boffi, Cappellini, Cassina, Kartell and has been an active collaborator for brands such as B&B, Bosa, De Vecchi, Fasem, Kartell, Liv’it, MDF Italy, Molteni & C., Moroso, and Tronconi. She’s a top contemporary designer who currently conducts her professional career at her own craftsmanship studio in Milan in the fields of design, exhibitions, art direction and architecture.


Photo credits go to LPA ARCHITECTURE
LPA Architecture is a firm specializing in residential projects and exclusive international level luxury hotels. It was created in 2010 by Giovanni Longo and Alessandro Palmarini, both of whom have specialized in residential projects as well as in luxury hotels. A feature that tells LPA Architecture apart from its competitors is the fact that they are able to create a unique atmosphere that successfully combines three important elements in a quality interior design project: aesthetic, form and functionality.

FM Architettura d’Interni

Photo credits go to FM Architettura d’Interni

Originally Francesca Muzio and Maria Silvia Orlandini created FM Architettura d’Interni in 2009 with the goal of tackling the world of yacht interiors while at the same time being led by architecture, design, philosophy, art, history, and marketing. Today this Italian company provides interior design and project management services not only to yachts but also to hotels, spas, residential complexes and private residences. When defining their style they explain that they chose not to be stuck with only one style believing that “the meaning of our work is giving birth not to our idea of beauty, but to that of the Owner – to make real his intimate and personal dream.”

Oasis Group

Photo credits belong to Oasis Group

The Osais Group is a perfect example of an all-Italian company which provides an amazing range of furniture collections mainly for Home and Bathroom environments. The best way to define what the company calls “the Oasis style” is the fact that they provide coordinated interior design solutions, inspired by the beauty of 1900, more specifically in icons such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Art Deco is one of the main inspirations behind their interior design projects.


Cino Zucchi

Photo credits belong to Cino Zucchi

Often known for his label as Best Architect in Milan”, this architect’s company, Cino Zucchi Architecture studio, is constantly searching for some new spatial solutions for contemporary life within the delicate and rapidly changing context of the European landscape. Born in Milano in 1955, Cino has the Pasila Central Tower area, Helsinki, Finland (2009) as one of his greatest achievements in architecture. The Milanese architect has designed and realized many commercials, public, industrial and residential buildings, public spaces, renewal plans and master plans for agricultural, industrial and historical areas.

Noses Architects

Photo credits belong to Noses Architects

Noses Architects was founded in 2009 and since then it became a notable firm with several projects at hand. Their main specialities are focused on Architecture, Interior and yacht design. The main duo behind this project, Luca Gasparini and Fabio Brondahave combined their experience in architecture and design in order to come up with this amazing project. They have a very contemporary type of design in each of their projects that make their work look and feel very contemporary.

Archea Associati

Photo credits belong to Archea Associati

Founded in Florence in 1988 by Laura Andreini, Marco Casamonti and Giovanni Polazzi, Arche Associati is a company that today, aside from counting with a team of more than 80 architects this multidisciplinary team is operating mainly in Florence, Rome and Milan. Their main speciality is on architecture, however, they also have a very qualified hand in dealing with Design, Interior Design and Graphic Design, having many of their works spread all over the world. They have deep training in these areas which allows them to take on anew challenges easily.


Photo credits belong to iarchitects

More than an architecture and design studio, iarchitects consists of a creative workshop where a variety of ideas take shape through a series of interdisciplinary projects taken on by a very distinctly qualified team. Among some of the factors, they take into account when dealing with a new project we can count with innovation, environmental sustainability and the economic value of the investment at stake. Above all this Milanese firm, which has taken on several projects in the areas of the retail, hotel, and corporate institutions aims to express the character of the client through the interior design choices.

Carlo Pes

Photo credits belong to Carlo Pes

Carlo Pes is an Italian interior designer with a design firm named after him, alongside a qualified team of professionals and craftsmen specialised in the design sector. They are specialized in many architectures and interior design projects, from tourism sites and luxury hotels to the creation and conception of furniture, lighting and textiles industry, all with the best touch of luxury and quality with the “Made in Italy” signature.

Giulio Cappelini

Photo credits belong to Giulio Cappelini

Giulio Cappelini is often referred to as an emblematic figure in the design panorama as a whole. Born in 1954, he was deeply involved with design since childhood thanks to his family business. After graduating in Architecture, he immediately launched himself in the family business as well as other international prestige brands. He’s had many cooperations with other prestige names such as Jasper Morrison, Marc Newson, Marcel Wanders, the Bouroullec and Nendo brothers. His design style is definitely fitting with the modern trends as we can see from products such as the Mill sofa (a chair inspired by the contemporary needs of the Millennials), the Bong and Gong tables as well as the Break table series.


Photo credits belong to MORQ

MORQ consists of a company created in 2001 by Matteo Monteduro, Emiliano Roia and Andrea Quagliola. Today it’s an internationally positioned firm based in Italy and Australia. Many of their projects have been attributed with numerous awards thanks to initiatives from urban plans to residential and retail spaces. They have a “clean” style design that is reflected in their architectural, interior and urban design projects.

Antonio Facco

Photo credits belong to Antonio Facco

Antonio Facco is an Italian designer who has been known for being a person who draws hints and inspiration for his own research and projects from a careful analysis of future generations. He has a design style aimed at a 21st-century audience and despite the fact that he’s only in his 20s he already has a promising career having a portfolio filled with cooperations with many architects, designers and prestige companies, such as Antolini, Bolon, Cappellini, AgustaWestland, Mohm.

Serena Confalonieri

Photo credits belong to Serena Confalonieri

Serena Confalonieri is an independent designer and art director currently based in Milan. She’s known for her Flamingo rug, produced by Nodus (during Milan Design Week 2013), as well as for her takes on design residencies and workshops in Italy and other countries (mainly in New York, Mexico and Portugal). She has a colourful design style in both her products and interior projects.

Vudafieri Saferino

Photo credits belong to Vudafieri Saferino

This creative studio in Milan, run by run by partners Claudio Saferino and Tiziano Vudafieri, is known for their particular take on several establishments such as luxury boutiques, large private homes, restaurants, residential and office buildings with a focus on three factors: Concept Design, Client Identity and Storytelling Strategy. The company’s main specialities range from architecture to retail design, to interior design and decoration.

Piero Fornasetti Studio

Photo credits belong to Piero Fornasetti Studio

Piero Fornasetti died in 1988, however, his legacy was kept alive by his studio which is still kept in business by a dedicated team of professionals who bring to life in new design projects and pieces inspired by the legacy left by this man. Since then, there have been many tributes to his work, among them  “Architettura Celeste” (celestial architecture) designed by Barnaba Fornasetti.


Photo credits belong to GAA

Created in 1997 in Florence, Fulvio Giraldi Architects – then known as GAA – has managed to develop several among them commercial and cultural projects, recreational, and residential. GAA is known for being a company that explore several areas of architectural design through partnerships as well as other practices. This company’s presence in Florence, Berlin, Los Angeles and Doha has allowed this Italian firm to spread its design style around the globe.


Fabio Azzolina Architetto

Photo credits belong to Fabio Azzolina Architetto

This 15-year-old Milan based Italian studio has become widely known for his outstanding works in the field of interior design and architecture. The studio has been developing design and renovation projects for private and commercial spaces in Italy and around the world. It’s no wonder Fabio Azzolina (the founder) has a remarkable talent, seeing as he’s worked in Piero Lissoni studio as an industrial designer as well as had cooperation with Ettore Sottsass for few years. His design style is colourful and clean regardless of the type of establishment the firm takes on.

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