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5 good examples of amazing craftsmanship from top Italian designers
5 good examples of amazing craftsmanship from top Italian designers

There’s no doubt that Italian designers are some of the most versatile companies and individuals you will ever see in this industry. After many years of tradition, they still own and control all the top arts and crafts when it comes to luxury interior design, becoming both retailers and producers of some top bespoke craftsmanship the industry has ever seen.

Italian designers are a good example of a group which still retains a strong influence still being felt worldwide in the areas of design as a whole, including those that take of traditional arts and crafts. Today Milan Design Agenda has chosen for you five good examples of amazing companies and designers who invest in maintaining these arts and crafts alive.

Prima Design Source

5 good examples of amazing craftsmanship from top Italian designers
Photo credits go to: Prima Design Source

For 25 years ago, Prima Design Source has been a good example of an award-winning design team managing to bring out design products for seven unique lifestyle collections per season. This is a good example of a luxury brand which complements all design aesthetics, functioning as both a wholesale manufacturer as well as an importer of several furnishings, lighting, and other home accessories. They currently offer around 2000 unique products that are made to order.

Wave Murano Glass

Photo credits go to: Wave Murano Glass

Wave Murano Glass consists of a small group of glass experts led by the glass master and production manager Roberto Beltrami. They work in a recently renovated furnace on the Murano island and are currently known as one of the top references when it comes to quality glass handling in Italy. Above we can see three good examples of some of their takes on glasswork, giving this material a modern touch to decorate any home.

Frighetto Mobili

Photo credits go to: Frighetto Mobili

Frighetto Mobili is a 45-year-old company which has been manufacturing high-quality furniture and other amazing accessories with the “Made in Italy” mark in high regard and quality. All of this company’s products are entirely designed and built by hand in Italy, involving the handling of a variety of materials such as wood, marble, glass, leather and fabrics. This company’s legacy still stands strong due to the fact that it passed down a craftsmanship tradition through many generations.

Photo credits go to: Frighetto Mobili

Selezioni Domus Firenze

Photo credits go to: Domus Firenze

This is a brand specialized in metal finishes seen as it’s very focused on the art and technique of brass. The interchangeability of metal finishes and materials that this brand uses to create its products truly give a special touch to each piece. Among their products made by natural brass are console chairs, stools, tables, and even several lightings combined with plexiglass and also fabrics.

Gaetano Pesce

Last, but definitely not least, we had to end this article with a reference to one of the masters of Italian craftsmanship as we know it. Having been the mind behind the conception of amazing works such as ‘Montanara’, ‘Colorado’ and ‘Gli amici’, Pesce is a person easily able to tackle Italian craftsmanship from more than one angle through various types of materials, two of them being Wood Carving and Porcelain Work.

Photo credits go to: 1stdibs
Photo credits go to: 1stdibs

Take this moment to enjoy this video regarding the top talents in Italian interior design.

Did you like this post regarding some amazing craftsmanship from some top Italian Designers of our time? What do you think about the Italian arts and crafts as a whole? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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