Inspire yourself with the amazing craftsmanship by Palazzo Morelli – Milan Design Agenda.


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Inspire yourself with the amazing craftsmanship by Palazzo Morelli
Inspire yourself with the amazing craftsmanship by Palazzo Morelli


Palazzo Morelli has definitely got to be one of Italy’s most solid examples of the amazing history and quality of this country’s craftsmanship. Despite only being created in 2005 by Alessandro Ortenzi, this company has a strong connection to what makes the Italian arts look and feel special. Milan Design Agenda will be taking you on a little tour that will inspire you as you get to know this amazing company’s work.

Inspire yourself with the amazing craftsmanship by Palazzo Morelli
All photo credits go to Palazzo Morelli

The name of this company created in 2005 has a lot of history related to it: it comes from the aristocratic family Morelli who acquired an amazing palace in the centre of Todi (Umbria), later renaming it to (you guessed it!) Palazzo Morelli. As a matter of fact, the emblem of this noble family is a central part of this company’s logo.

Palazzo Morelli is the perfect example of a company that strives to express Italy’s finest quality, giving their full-on attention to details and innovative professional services from many varied areas including architects, interior designers and even with real estate developers. Their craftsmen are able to handle a series of materials such as onyx, bronze, stainless steel as well as more than one selection of the highest quality leather in the current market.

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Having a variety of clients both in Italy and abroad, Palazzo Morelli provides a variety of design services that are intended to guide their clients into guided, informed decisions regarding the options they provide in regards to interior design solutions. Their projects have reached countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Latvia, Russia as well as other countries located outside of Europe, such as China, India, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

Their interior design projects can range from traditional to contemporary interiors all of which have the mark of being made in Italy. They provide services to help clients with timing and budgeting, as well as providing essential elements for the home decor such as lighting,  luxury soft furnishings and even wall upholstering kitchen appliances, and bathroom furniture.


If you happen to be visiting Italy and wish to get a little in touch with the traditional Italian heritage, then you definitely have to check out this company’s showroom in Opificio Tiberina, located in Todi. The building was completely restored in order to make room for Palazzo Morelli’s amazing showroom and operational office.

Did you like this article regarding Palazzo Morelli’s amazing arts and craftsmanship? What do you think about the varied takes that this company has with these materials? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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