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Modo Milano: an Italian design force present in Dubai
Modo Milano: an Italian design force present in Dubai

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Modo Milano consists of a multidisciplinary Italian design consultancy company created with the goal of taking Italy’s heritage and inherent taste for beauty and design and sharing it worldwide. Their career has led them to be settled in Dubai, where they have gained a solid reputation within the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries.

Modo Milano: an Italian design force present in Dubai
All photo credits go to Modo Milano

Ever since Modo Milano established itself as one of the top leading forces of interior design in Dubai they’ve managed to forge a solid reputation their amazing state of the art designs which have allowed them to accomplish some amazing results in completed projects in Residential, Commercial and Governmental establishments.


Modo Milano manages to realize their clients’ aspirations while at the same time managing to maintain a very high standard of quality and design. The services they provide include elements such as Architectural & Interior Design, Landscape Design, Procurement, Consultancy and Project Management.

The establishments they’ve taken on are varied as we can see from their take on Hotel Hilton in Abu Dhabi or the Gucci Women Accessories at the Dubai Mall or even at the BiCE restaurants at Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Without a doubt, Modo Milano aspires to provide quality and top renowned design in every project they take on, regardless of the category.

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When it comes to the type of team that this company had, it’s no wonder they manage to achieve a quality unlike any other modern interior design company, seen as the clients can count with the talent and expertise of Senior Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Feng-Shui expert, Technicians, and many more areas. The whole team is fully updated with the Italians’ high standard of expertise being able to transmit that same quality to many projects regardless of the location or type.

Take this moment to enjoy this video regarding the top talents in Italian interior design.

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