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Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook
Magical Kids’ Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

Magical Kids’ Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

All the inspiration you need for your kids’ bedroom!

Because crafting the stuff of dreams and turning every child’s desire into reality is our passion, these fantastic projects are part of a series of stunning kids’ bedroom and playground ideas. It also motivates adults to realize their children’s dreams and construct the room they wanted they had when they were younger.

Each chamber has a different wonderland theme, such as candy, the jungle, or space. Each project includes a mood board to help you understand how an idea was developed into a magical, useful, and interactive area, in addition to the finished product. Have a look and discover a little bit of this magical ebook!





Green Mint Playroom

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

The summer season is the ideal time to renew and refresh your child’s room, and nothing better than painting it with the most irreverent colors like the blue of the sky and the green of nature. Circu’s new playroom combines adventure and fun in the right doses so that the magic and unique values of childhood are never lost.

A Room Above The Clouds

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

What if all the tales of magical lamps and light bulbs, fairies, and pixie dust, children hear and believe growing up did actually come true? What if enchanted realms existed and it only took one whimsical lamp and a few simple wishes to get there? That’s what we’re about to discover within the details of this special project designed by Pascale Hakimeh. With Circu’s magical pieces, Hakimeh created the most captivating little kids’ room of all, one worthy of being narrated about in all fairytales yet to come.

The adventure started when once upon a time, two twins received a very special gift in the shape of a unique lamp and discovered that a small pink fairy with the ability to fulfill any and every wish they could have ever dreamed of, lived in between the lights of the lamp.

Dreamhouse Adventures Bedroom: One Room, Endless Stories To Be Lived

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

Every child’s dream is to live in an enchanted realm or experience the fantastic adventures of their favorite cartoons. This exceptional room is all about that, allowing the toddler to be the leading character in its adventures in a secure and fun environment.

The Dolly playhouse is the set. The child is the main character. The ambiance is the full script waiting to be written. A room with a contemporary aesthetic and a soothing aura without many elements to give the spotlight to the lively bed. Subtle lighting elements provide the exact amount of light exposure for maximum concentration when the time is not for play. A sober kids’ bedroom aesthetic that besides telling its own story, secures the space and represents the set for a new one, each day.

Candyland Playroom By Asmaa Tarek

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

Imagine an amusement park. Now, imagine an amusement park for kids. Lastly, imagine that park inside a room specially made for kids. You can now stop imagining it because Circu, in partnership with the designer Asmaa Tarek, brought that fantasy to life. This one-of-a-kind project is a luxury playroom, especially made for kids to have fun and learn. With the new season coming up, playing outdoors can be a challenge and that’s one of the reasons why this project is so awesome and ideal for the spare room you have in your home.

With the use of pastel shades and wall art inspired by candy, this playroom screams fun all around. Circu’s Bubble Gum Gym is hard to miss and it takes the main stage in this room it’s one of the key pieces of this project. On that note, great things don’t walk alone, so our Bubble Gum Loop, inspired by funky shapes of kids’ favorite candies, decided to join the party and add a little extra fun to the space.

Ready to enter a land where happiness and wild imagination are the only requirements to enter?

Little Rising Star Bedroom

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

The city of angels is now the set of this luxury contemporary condo that is truly a gift from the heavens. In partnership with Ivan Satria, co-founder, and lead artist from Kintsugi Visual, Covet House presents a high-end contemporary condo, worthy of the top A-listers from Hollywood.

An homage to the American dream, this apartment consists of 9 spacious rooms, including a special luxury kids’ bedroom for a little rising star featuring Circu Magical Furniture. This area excels by delivering a sophisticated room while being a fun, exciting, and playful area as well. Not compromising in the child-like details, by keeping the room cohesive in its amazing contemporary feel.

An Undersea Adventure By ByMura

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

Circu takes you to the depths of the ocean where you will find a new level of inspiration you never thought possible. For this very special project, Circu partnered up with ByMura, which was responsible for bringing this design treasure to life. We give you the key to open this treasure box, where you will find the golden pieces for your next kids’ bedroom project.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCircuRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast


An Outer Space Misson By Cozy Studio

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

Circu continues its mission to bring pieces from out of this world continues and this one is no different. Spoiler alert: We had a major help for this one. When we talk about the mission we mean NASA style. Circu partnered up with Cozy Studio, and its designer, Renata Aquino, to bring you a kids’ bedroom that is out of this world. All you need to do is follow us around and see this amazing project that shines brighter than the moon.

Blossom Fairytale By We Wnętrzu

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

Imagination is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to designing kids’ bedrooms. Aiming for new limits Circu partners up with Poland’s top designers We Wnętrzu, for the creation of a magical place where new fairytales will blossom and new dreams will take place.

Featuring the Bubble Gum Collection, this kids’ bedroom will shine brighter even when the sun goes down and the daylights start to fade. The fun shapes of the collection combined with its LED features and the gold accents on the room will make you feel like you enter a wonderland and that a whimsical adventure is ready to start as you unveil all the details of this luxurious kids’ bedroom design.

The Stardom Room: Explore The Space While On Earth

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

When we enter this kids’ bedroom we are immediately drawn to the sleeping area. With a color palette that ranges between light grey and pastel shades, the Cloud Bed is the chosen piece that does deliver the sensation of levity and being lost in space and imagination.

The Stellar Rug matches perfectly with the theme of the kids’ bedroom as well as the Cloud Bed. It is the ideal piece for little space adventures who love to look up to the sky every night and count the stars.

This kids’ bedroom will not be completed without an out-of-this-world playground with Rocky Rocket as the centerpiece. This armchair breathes space and it’s the dream of every little astronaut. The incorporated RGB light also comes with speakers, that can be controlled by a mobile app- or with remote control- and you can create your own “Take off to Space” playlist.

Jungle Fun: Let The Adventures Begin

Magical Kids' Bedrooms And Playground Ideas Ebook

We spend our lives looking for new adventures and challenges. This very special kids’ bedroom was inspired by all the adventures our little one has yet to experience and also inspired by nature!

Inspired by elements from “Jungle Book” and the eternal movie about MoglI, this kids’ bedroom by Circu promises to transform a blank space into a Jungle of Fun with lots of games and activity spaces to boost your little one’s imagination.

This luxury project is the one your clients don’t know they need until they see it. Let’s navigate through nature and climb this tree of dreams. Get ready to get lost and make some cute animal friends on the way.





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