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Glamorous Contemporary Interiors with Natalia Berezovskaia
Glamorous Contemporary Interiors with Natalia Berezovskaia

Brabbu Blog had the pleasure of interviewing Natalia Berezovskaia, a talented interior designer from Romania. Natalia has his own personal blog, The Famous Design, with the aim to educate and inform the public of the importance of a well-organised interior design and the advantage of working with professionals. In that matter, Natalia Berezovskaia works along with her husband, Octav Roman, in Creativ interior, an interior design studio from Romania that works on Glamorous Contemporary Interiors of residential and commercial projects. Discover more about this interior designer in this article.

Glamorous Contemporary Interiors from Romania

About Natalia Berezovskaia

Natalia Berezovskaia – Photo Credit: Mihai Georgiadi

The artistic side of Natalia Berezovskaia appeared very soon in her life. While growing up, the walls of her house were always covered with her drawings, and perhaps that same effect made her study Fashion Design in High School. Growing up, she decided to take the leap and study at the Faculty of Interior Architecture in Bucharest.

APARTMENT VIITORULUI – Photo Credit: Mihai Georgiadi

Although being an interior designer for a living, Natalia Berezovskaia never stopped painting, an activity that she admits continues to do in her free time. ‘I like what I do and I am most proud that I can transform other people’s lives into something much more beautiful, functional and personalized’, she explains.

APARTMENT – Photo Credit: Mihai Georgiadi

With this purpose, Natalia Berezovskaia created her own blog, The Famous Design. The aim of this project was to educate and inform the general public about the usefulness of a well-organized interior design project and the advantages of collaborating with a specialist, but it grew bigger than this. Natalia uses the platform to share the latest trends in interior design and how they can be adapted to any interior, about the confusion between true luxury and how people understand it, what design psychology means, what quality means and why it should be invested. This personal blog has more than ten thousand followers on Instagram, and Natalia took the opportunity to create Intense Weekend Courses, already in their 5th edition, and also wrote the book ‘Interior Design – From Passion to Business’.


Natalia Berezovskaia x Creativ Interior

The concept of the Creativ Interior studio was founded by her husband, Octav Roman, 10 years ago. She explains, ‘Both I and Octav started our professional experience as employees, but over time we decided to take the step of working on our own’, and that’s how Creativ Interior was born.

ECLECTIC STYLE HOUSE, CRAIOVA – Photo Credit: Mihai Georgiadi

Their portfolio is quite diversified, from the hospitality, retail, residential or office fields. In order to offer the very best experience to each of their clients, they divided the studio into two departments: on one side, the luxury residential, coordinated by Natalia, and the Commercial/office and food service, coordinated by Octav. Creativ interior is a renowned interior design studio in Romania also internationally since they have won the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the Best Luxury Interior Design Studio category in Romania.

Interior Design is an extremely creative profession, so we asked Natalia Berezovskaia what were her major inspirations. She answered: ‘Everything that surrounds me can become an inspiration. But I recognize that the best way to charge my batteries and collect as many ideas as possible is when I travel. New places, and people’s culture inspire me a lot’.

HOUSE IN BUZĂU – Photo credit: Mihai Georgiadi

Working on residential projects, there are a lot of obstacles Natalia has to overcome on a daily basis. But there are some special memories from projects she has worked on that will forever stick with her; this is the case of the house in BUZĂU. This was a rather complex project that was coordinated remotely since it is located in another city, and the implementation corresponds to 95% of the initial concept.

HOUSE IN BUZĂU – Photo credit: Mihai Georgiadi

Another project they are extremely proud of is the Noma Restaurant in Bucharest, with which they also won an international award, BigSEE Interior Design Award 2021 in the Hospitality category.

NOMA Restaurant in Bucharest – Photo Credit: Alexandru Prodan

And what recommends Natalia Berezovskaia to the next generation of interior designers? ‘I have always recommended and will recommend to everyone who works in the field or wants to become a designer or architect to do everything with passion. If you don’t dedicate yourself one hundred per cent or maybe even more – there’s no way you’ll succeed’. If there is a magic formula is with lots of passion + patience + inspiration + dedication = success!

NOMA Restaurant in Bucharest – Photo Credit: Alexandru Prodan



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