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Milan City Guide: A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro

Milan is a haute couture powerhouse, where fashion brands jump from catwalk to clothes and from here to fashion boutiques displays! Now, on our next Milan City Guide, you’ll be able to see how Milan Fashion Boutiques fit into a square known as the Quadrilatero d’Oro! What makes the Golden Rectangle, or Quadrilatero d’Oro so special is its density. In an area that is just 270 by 500 metres (about ten streets) you can shop the very finest fashion, watches and jewellery in this luxury avenue. This lack of space makes the area very much in demand for luxury brands, and Via Montenapoleone is the sixth most luxury avenue in the world for retail property.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro (10)

But its not only luxury jewelry stores and luxury watches boutique that makes this area special. There is much much more to see, with two beautiful museums and many hotels and restaurants offering delightful culinary experiences. Here’s a renewed Milan City guide with focus on…well…everything you need for your next Milan Summer holidays!

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Milan Boutiques to see


The building dating to 1937 presents the entire Armani world, and you could spend hours here moving from the seventh-floor hotel to the Emporio Armani Caffé for coffee or brunch, Armani/Nobu for sushi, and all the Armani fashion universe, including flowers and chocolates.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Armani Café7


For many years, the brand founded in 1884 worked above all with its original Rome boutique, much loved by Elizabeth Taylor (her husband Richard Burton said “The only word Liz knows in Italian is Bulgari,” and on another occasion, “I introduced Liz to beer, she introduced me to Bulgari”). The Milan boutique was opened in the lovely courtyard on Via Montenapoleone in 2006.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Bulgari jewelry

*Stuart Weitzman

The heels are superbly showcased on the organic, curving shelves in Zaha Hadid’s glorious interior design that attracts architecture and design enthusiasts as well as footwear fanatics.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Stuart Weitzman Shoes store by Zaha Hadid


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*Tiffany & Co.

Few brands have become such an integral part of modern culture as Tiffany, with its name appearing in the film classic ‘Breakfast at …,’ in the Tiffany setting, probably the most famous engagement ring in the world, and the light robin egg colour better known as Tiffany Blue.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Tiffany Milan Boutique entrance

*Tory Burch

The first Tory Burch flagship for Italy is in Via della Spiga, and it opened in December 2014, presenting the designer’s colourful collections whose principal feature is their versatility, ideal for use during the day and through to the evening.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Tory Burch Milan Boutique


*Rolex-Pisa Orologeria

The recently-renewed Rolex boutique is hallmarked by the classic colours and materials, timber and beige plaster, but with green accents from the long sales desk whose colour recalls the marine environment that has always been associated with the brand. Inside, there is a panoramic lift looking onto a vertical garden by Patrick Blanc, and an exquisite garden-terrace on the fourth floor.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Rolex Pisa Orologeria


private collection


The brand opened its flagship store in June 2014, a three-floor fantasy in plate glass, bronze, dark ribbed wood panelling, marble and travertine, displaying the products to perfection and hosting bespoke services such as the sartorial atelier.

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"Milan Shopping Guide Brioni’s flagship store by Anastassiades-Studio Park Associati and Brioni designed Brioni's store"

Milan Museums to see

*Poldi Pezzoli Museum

This collection is based on a private collection gathered by Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli in the late 19th century, comprising works of art, armour, sculpture and more. Highlights include the profile of a noblewoman by Pollaiolo; other artists include Piero della Francesca, Giovanni Bellini, Botticelli, Canaletto and more. One of the few museums to be open on Mondays.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Poldi Pezzoli Museum

*Bagatti Valsecchi Museum

Curiously, both the museums in the Quadrilatero are museum-houses originating in the 19th century. The Bagatti Valsecchi is particularly interesting because it is an attempt to recreate a Renaissance home by the eponymous brothers, who had no qualms about commissioning copies or period-style interpretations to accompany the genuine Renaissance objets d’art.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Bagatti Valsecchi Museum



Milan Restaurants to dine


A classic for Milan, a Tuscan restaurant that has been in Via Borgospesso since 1939 and still works with the same impeccable professional skill, attracting Milan’s high society. It is named after the founder Beatrice Mungai, born in 1901. In addition to Tuscan classics there are some Milanese recipes such as ossobuco, risotto allo zafferanno and cassoela.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Bice Milan Restaurant


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*Antico Ristorante Boeucc

Impeccable service and a beautiful setting, the restaurant expresses the classical sophistication of Milan, with a menu that includes local specialities, as well as excellent fish.

Milan City Guide A full tour into Quadrilatero d’Oro-Antico Ristorante Boeucc_Milan

Milan night clubs to go


In the Armani flagship on Via Manzoni, right under Armani/Nobu, this club is perfect for fashionistas, who have a perfect backdrop in the minimalist Japanese-inspired décor with red lanterns by Armani/Casa. Strict entry selection, good cocktails.

"Milan City Guide Hot Spots through Fashion Model’s eyes-Armani Prive"

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