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Ghislaine Viñas: An Exclusive And Radicalist Design World
Ghislaine Viñas: An Exclusive And Radicalist Design World

Ghislaine Viñas

An Exclusive And Radicalist Design World

Ghislaine Viñas: A Radical And Exclusive Design World – LUXXU Blog will help you get to know Ghislaine Viñas in today’s post. Over the past 22 years, the New York-based designer has brought her distinct multicultural background to every project she has worked on. She was born in the Netherlands and raised in South Africa. Whether it’s a product, a home, or a commercial project, Ghislaine Viñas‘ irreverent style is all about turning the end result into a design that exudes fun, pleasure, and spontaneity.


Ghislaine Viñas: An Exclusive And Radicalist Design World

Stepping Into Ghislaine Viñas’s Unique World

Ghislaine Viñas: An Exclusive And Radicalist Design World

The designer has been recognized by several prominent design publications and renowned design awards. “I’m ecstatic that my work has been published in Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Interior Design, and overseas publications such as CovetED Magazine… It makes me feel great; I’m both proud and humbled.”


Side Tables Boca do Lobo


Ghislaine Viñas contemporary open space

The award-winning designer is recognized for her strong style, which includes bright colors, modern designs, art, and fun-loving statement items. She had a dynamic personality and a willingness to explore the unknown and venture outside of her comfort zone even before she found her passion for design.


Ghislaine Viñas dining zone with puzzle wall art

We had the chance to meet the Dutch-born designer and gain some uncommon insights into her professional history and future plans, and we’d like to welcome you inside Ghislaine Viñas‘ unorthodox world today.


ghislaine_vinas contemporary living room

Ghislaine Viñas‘ ethnic heritage has influenced her to become the bold and skilled designer she is today. Ghislaine Viñas was born in the Netherlands but lived in South Africa until she was 18 years old. She moved to the United States nine months later to continue her studies in Philadelphia, but she had the opportunity to see some of the country’s most famous cities, including New York, which was then known as the “City of Dreams.” So she jumped at the chance to relocate to a Tribeca apartment with some of her closest friends, and a new chapter in her life started.


ghislaine_vinas light toned open space

Ghislaine’s design came into her life suddenly after she relocated to New York. “I was messing about for a bit and then ended up taking the wrong metro home, and when I got off at the wrong subway stop, I noticed a modular furniture firm and came inside and said, “here’s my CV, I’m wondering if you have any openings.” She worked for that firm for seven years and gained valuable experience in the furniture industry before being offered with the most significant chance of her career.


ghislaine_vinas light toned hallway

“A really good college friend introduced me to a woman my age who was looking to open an office.” Despite the fact that I was working on a lot of office furniture at the time, I went to see her and perform an interview despite having a full-time job. “Amazing,” she told the designer, “I think this is going to be fantastic, and I think we should collaborate.” The project included a big 10,000-square-foot office facility on 26th Street as well as “hands-on” training for the interior designer.


Aren’t Ghislaine Viñas ’s Projects So Whimsical?

Ghislaine Viñas dining room in pink tones

After 22 years, Ghislaine Viñas is still working with this customer on a range of projects (residential, office spaces, yachts, galleries, and even hotels). “Just as you do when you spend so much time together, we’ve become really good friends.”


Ghislaine Viñas light wood toned living room

Later, in 1999, Ghislaine Viñas decided it was time to go it alone and founded what has since become one of New York’s most well-known award-winning studios, specialized in interior design, product design, and even creative direction services. “It made logical for me to establish my own company, and it wasn’t terrifying at all.”


Ghislaine Viñas green toned dining room

” I don’t think I’m afraid of the unknown, and being naïve may be a wonderful thing.” The studio has kept its original identity and serves as the center of the Ghislaine Viñas brand as well as a testing ground for all of her creative endeavors. The most challenging aspect of the process, according to the Dutch-born designer, was being an entrepreneur, a designer, a wife, and a mother all at the same time. “Now I look back and wonder, ‘How the hell did I do that?’” she said.


Ghislaine Viñas bathroom

“I’m still just working from my gut and what I feel. I think the difference of what I was doing then in the beginning was I was looking at New York, what New York interior design was, and not finding that it had a place for me in it. Now it’s easier to just do what I want, and what I think is exciting. I want to stick out. I want to do my own thing, I want to be independent.”

– Ghislaine Viñas


Ghislaine Viñas terrace with white and orange furniture

Regardless of context or size, mode or media, Ghislaine’s natural fascination for dramatic compositions and entertaining color contrasts, which are significantly distinct from the conventional patterns of the design profession, is captured in the studio’s DNA. Her optimistic and irreverent viewpoint, which some may find unusual, is a result of her Dutch grandparents’ vibrant and opinionated lifestyle. Ghislaine Viñas‘ capacity to think outside the box and push the boundaries of imagination is what distinguishes her as the accomplished professional she is today. “You know, I was always the Dutch girl in South Africa.” So I believe the ‘not fitting’ in issue is where I feel most at ease, and I enjoy being an outsider.”


Ghislaine Viñas light toned living room

The New York-based designer has produced vivid ideas for residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors, as well as product design, all inspired by new materials and mediums. Despite the fact that they are all different types of projects, they all have one thing in common: the design spirit, which was developed with the client’s significant input and the unique relationship shared with the designer.  “The client provides me with raw materials and instructions so that I can produce something I’ve never done before.” It’s like that TV show where someone gives you ten ingredients and you have to come up with a dish…”. “I enjoy that kind of reworking of something that already exists” she said.


Ghislaine Viñas light toned living room

Ghislaine Viñas acknowledged that she hasn’t yet created the project she regards to be the most important in her career. “They’ve served as stepping stones and projects for people to see what I’m capable of, or what we’re capable of, because it’s not just me; it’s an awesome team of unbelievable designers and many creative brains. Even the ones with more mishaps or roadblocks, she claims, contribute to her professional progress and innovative ideas. The residential Skyhouse project in the city was one of several that allowed her to exercise her creativity, since the façade mimics an antique castle and the inside like a carved-IP ice sculpture. Customers were understanding, and she had the chance to work with famous architect David Hodgson.


Ghislaine Viñas terrace with white sofa

A two-story house in Tribeca with 16, 000 square feet of internal space, where Ghislaine Viñas had to engage with the project’s creators from the beginning, helped Ghislaine Viñas sharpen her talents and put her ideas to the test. She discovered that her finest work “hasn’t been done yet” since she “truly feels like I’m becoming better and better.” It makes her extremely proud to be a professional who, rather than following the crowd and working on popular projects, challenges her clients’ creative vision with her unique and revolutionary ideas, especially when her work is later recognized with multiple awards and articles in top design publications.


Ghislaine Viñas dining room with wood furniture

The New York-based designer, who was selected one of Elle Decor’s A-Listers for 2021, is presently working on a new project that intends to provide a professional environment a comfortable home-like ambiance. “Right now, we’re working on a commercial project for a Google subsidiary, and we’ve been called in to build that “Resimercial” (or whatever the new name is) to loosen up, to break out commercial ventures,” says the employee.


Ghislaine Viñas living room with dark toned furniture

Following the global pandemic, a new paradigm has evolved that, while challenging, stresses the value of household design. Ghislaine Viñas has a variety of dream projects in the works that will put her creativity and distinctive vision to the test. “I’d like for a corporation to come to us and employ our style of thinking, our way of providing delight, our aesthetics, and our way of flipping things inside out.” So I’m constantly looking forward to the next challenge.”


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