16 Exhibitors You Can’t Miss at Salone del Mobile 2024 – Milan Design Agenda.


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Salone del Mobile 2024: The Highlights

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16 Exhibitors You Can't Miss at Salone del Mobile 2024
16 Exhibitors You Can’t Miss at Salone del Mobile 2024

16 Exhibitors You Can't Miss at Salone del Mobile 2024


As the global design community converges once again, the anticipation surrounding the Salone del Mobile 2024 reaches its peak. Held in Milan, this prestigious event is a haven for design aficionados, architects, interior designers, and industry professionals alike. Amidst the myriad of exhibitors showcasing their innovative creations, a select few manage to stand out, capturing the essence of contemporary design and pushing the boundaries of creativity.


» Visit Covet House at Pav 15 – Stand G25-G27 | H26-H28 «



Circu and Covet House

Hall 15 G25-G27 | H26-H28



Covet House stands as a distinguished name in the realm of luxury interior design, offering an exclusive curation of furniture, lighting, and accessories that epitomize elegance and sophistication. Established as a haven for discerning clientele in search of exquisite furnishings, Covet House has garnered acclaim for its impeccable taste, attention to detail, and commitment to craftsmanship. Since its inception, Covet House has curated an eclectic range of pieces from renowned designers and brands worldwide, each reflecting a distinct blend of style, quality, and innovation. From timeless classics to avant-garde creations, Covet House showcases a diverse array of furniture and decor that caters to the most refined tastes. With showrooms and design studios spanning the globe, Covet House serves as a premier destination for those seeking to elevate their living spaces with unparalleled luxury and style.



Circu is a leading luxury furniture brand renowned for its enchanting and imaginative designs tailored for children’s spaces. Established with a vision to create magical environments that spark creativity and wonder, Circu has captured the hearts of parents and children alike with its whimsical and innovative collections. Since its inception, Circu has redefined children’s furniture, transcending the conventional to offer bespoke pieces that evoke dreams and fantasies. From enchanting beds shaped like fairytale carriages to playful storage solutions that double as imaginative play areas, Circu’s designs combine exceptional craftsmanship with a dash of enchantment. With a commitment to quality and safety, Circu ensures that each piece not only delights but also provides a nurturing and inspiring environment for children to thrive. As a pioneer in the world of luxury children’s furniture, Circu continues to captivate with its dedication to creating magical spaces where imagination knows no bounds.


Maison Valentina

Hall 10 A07


Maison Valentina is a luxury bathroom brand renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and innovative designs. With a commitment to creating unparalleled experiences in bathroom design, Maison Valentina combines fine materials, meticulous attention to detail, and contemporary aesthetics to redefine the notion of luxury bathrooms. Each piece reflects a harmonious blend of functionality and elegance, elevating the bathing experience to a realm of refined indulgence. From striking bathtubs to elegant washbasins and opulent accessories, Maison Valentina offers a curated selection of products that exude sophistication and style, making it a premier choice for those seeking to transform their bathrooms into serene sanctuaries of luxury and comfort.


Boca do Lobo

Hall 15 G25 G27 H26 H28



Boca do Lobo was founded in 2005 and, early-on, it committed to reinterpret ancient techniques of fine craftsmanship to create unexpected pieces of contemporary design. Each creation carries the legacy of centuries of craftsmanship. In the workshops, talented artisans challenge and combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods to shape the finest materials into remarkable furniture, upholstery and lighting pieces, which gives rise to timeless cosmopolitan environments.



Hall 09 A03-B02



Established in 1948 in the heart of Brianza, Italy – a region renowned for its rich tradition of craftsmanship – Porada has become synonymous with timeless elegance, impeccable quality, and innovative design. With a legacy spanning over seven decades, the brand continues to captivate discerning customers and design enthusiasts worldwide, mastering the art of creating furniture that transcends trends and stands the test of time.



Hall 09 L11-M06



With a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of beauty, Visionnaire has carved a niche for itself as a beacon of opulence and sophistication in the global design landscape. Founded in 1959 by the Cavalli family in the picturesque city of Bologna, Visionnaire has remained true to its roots while continually evolving to meet the changing needs and tastes of its discerning clientele.



Hall 9 H10



At the core of Baxter‘s design philosophy lies a deep appreciation for materials and their expressive potential. From luxurious leathers to exotic woods and innovative textiles, the brand’s collections are a celebration of texture, color, and form, inviting tactile exploration and sensory delight. Whether it’s the supple touch of a hand-stitched leather sofa or the intricate detailing of a meticulously carved table, Baxter’s furniture exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication that is unmatched in the industry.



Hall 11 E15-G12-G16-E27-G22



Central to the Minotti identity is the full expression of the “Made in Italy” concept, which today permanently melds tradition and innovation: the skills of the talented artisan are employed to finish a product created by modern technologies, while the intelligence of the hands balances industrial precision with sensitivity and emotion.



Studio Piet Boon

Hall 11 E20-E22



Renowned for its timeless designs, Studio Piet Boon captivates visitors with their elegant yet functional creations. From meticulously crafted furniture pieces to awe-inspiring architectural designs, each exhibit exemplifies their commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Fratelli Boffi

Hall 13 C10



One of the hallmarks of Fratelli Boffi‘s design language is its ability to seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and nature, the brand’s collections are a testament to its eclectic sensibilities and creative vision. Whether it’s a classic chair reimagined with a modern twist or a sculptural table that doubles as a work of art, each piece exudes a sense of sophistication and refinement that is unmistakably Fratelli Boffi.


Jumbo Collection

Hall 13 L11-M14



Jumbo Collection stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the world of furniture design. With its timeless elegance, impeccable craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality, the brand continues to inspire and enchant discerning clients around the world. As a guardian of tradition and a pioneer of modernity, Jumbo Collection invites us to embrace the beauty of craftsmanship and the transformative power of design in creating spaces that are truly exceptional.



Hall 15 B11-C12



Each piece of furniture bearing the Longhi name is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans who possess an unwavering dedication to their craft. From the selection of the finest materials to the precision of the joinery techniques, every step in the production process is executed with precision and passion, resulting in furniture of exceptional quality and durability.


Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcastCovet CollectionHomesocietyMid-century Club


Roberto Cavalli Home

Hall 15 A19-B16



Roberto Cavalli Home‘s collection is a tribute to the most significant lines of the Roberto Cavalli Maison. A mix with a wildly distinctive charm, true to the philosophy and the DNA of the brand, able to combine fashion and design with glamour and sensuality. Bold, modern, luxurious: three perfect words to describe this amazing brand.



Hall 15 M20



Safety, elegance and sophistication are the guidelines in Agresti, that for over 60 years has been manufacturing elegant strongboxes, chests and skillfully handcrafted fine furniture. Founded in 1949 by Umberto Agresti in Florence, Italy, the brand has remained at the forefront of luxury safe-making, combining traditional artisanal techniques with cutting-edge technology to safeguard precious valuables in style.



Etro Home Interiors

Hall 15 A11



Founded in 1968 by Gerolamo “Gimmo” Etro as a textile company, Etro has evolved into a global luxury brand known for its vibrant prints, intricate patterns, and exquisite craftsmanship. Etro Home Interiors draws inspiration from the brand’s rich heritage and diverse influences, infusing each piece with a sense of history, authenticity, and global flair.



Hall 22 E15-E25



Edra stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the world of furniture design. With its bold experimentation, visionary collaborations, and unwavering commitment to quality, the brand continues to inspire and captivate design enthusiasts around the world. As a pioneer of avant-garde aesthetics and unconventional design, Edra invites us to reimagine the possibilities of furniture, pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible and challenging us to think outside the box.



Hall 24 L01-L03



With its visionary collaborations, timeless designs, and unwavering commitment to quality, Driade continues to inspire and captivate design enthusiasts around the world. As a pioneer of avant-garde aesthetics and unconventional design, Driade invites us to reimagine the possibilities of furniture and embrace the transformative power of design in shaping the spaces we inhabit.


De Castelli

Hall 24 B14-E37



Drawing upon centuries of expertise and artisanal techniques, the brand has perfected the art of working with metals, including steel, copper, brass, and iron. Each piece of furniture bearing the De Castelli name is a testament to the brand’s mastery of metal, showcasing intricate detailing, impeccable finishes, and unparalleled craftsmanship.


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