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See 20 great things to experience in this Milan City Guide
See 20 great things to experience in this Milan City Guide

Milan, as some few Europe cities has the advantage in offering a huge and diverse city guide. Milan Design Agenda can point some good examples: want to know what do in London, you can check through London Design Agenda; want to go at Paris instead and appreciate all the love in the inner city, you can be updated visiting Paris Design Agenda; or maybe flying to NYC and see the most worldwide visited city, one click at NewYork Design Agenda. As you can see, those city guides can make your day.

"See 20 great things to experience in this Milan City Guide"

Now, once the Summer is coming up, Milan Design Agenda writes today an article full of things that will feast your eyes. If you want to run from the crowded Ibizas parties and beaches (go there once in your life!), the bling-ring of south French cities (Monaco and St. Tropez), start to check Milan flights available…and get ready to experience a real city guide, with  20 great things to do in Milan.

1-Feast your eyes on the Last Supper

The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in the church of Santa Maria della Grazie is arguably the greatest painting of the Renaissance.

"See 20 great things to experience in this Milan City Guide"

2-Scale the Duomo

The Duomo of Milan is an amazing sight.

3-Bag the latest styles at the Rectangle of Gold

Designer named stores include Armani, Chanel, Missoni, Prada and Versace are the main italian fashion brands available in this “square”: via della Spiga, via Manzoni, via Sant’Andrea and via Montenapoleone.

"New openings in Milan Luxury Avenues-Via Montenapoleone dome"

4-Explore the labyrinthine Castello Sforzesco

During the 15th century, it was home to the aristocratic court of Ludovico ‘il Moro’ Sforza, patron of Leonardo da Vinci.

5-Have a Venice experience in Milan

It may not be Venice, but Milan is still a city of canals and a quiet cruise on its still waters throws light on historic gems.

6-Savour the flavours of Milanese cuisine

Milanese restaurants serve the most varied of all Italy’s regional cuisines.

7-Relax to the max at Milan’s spas

The “A” option between a few is, “Bulgari Hotel”. Slip on a swimsuit and dive in.

"See 20 great things to experience in this Milan City Guide"

 8-Sample a sandwich of distinction

Case you missed Milan Food Festival week 2014, you can get a “Time Out” dining experience here.

9-View the best art collection in the city

See all art and design museums through Time Out eyes.

10-Grab a really great coffee

Fashion-conscious shoppers should try the bustling Trussardi Café

"Michelin guide 2014 Milan Restaurants awarded-Trussardi Alla Scala"

 11-Be both cheap and chearful at happy hour

With cocktail prices fixed between €6 and €8 thrown into the aperitivo mix, the city’s hippest bars all attempt to out-chic…

12- Sing Oh Bej! Oh Bej! at the top of your voice

Milan Design Agenda made a video with it, but…was a shameful experience 🙂

13-Shop in one of the oldest malls in the world

It’s the perfect place to people watch while enjoying a coffee and a slice of cake.

14-Support FC Internazionale (or maybe AC Milan!)

The San Siro Stadium is an essential place of pilgrimage for any football fanatic.

15-Hunt down cut price catwalk goodies

Locals prefer the city’s many outlet stores to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

16-Club with the hipsters in Como

Do you remembered that thing about Ibiza? Here’s what you get visiting Loolapaloosa.

17-Rummage around the flea markets

Shopping heaven though it is, there are days when trawling through centro Milano in search of the latest Prada pantsuit can lose its appeal.

"See 20 great things to experience in this Milan City Guide"

18-Become a drama queen at Opera at La Scala

If you can get hold of, or afford, a ticket to La Scala, opera-lovers worldwide will hold you in higher esteem.

19- Resurrect Roman Milan

You can see their artefacts in several museums, including the Civici Musei del Castello and the Civico Museo Archeologico.

20-Kick back with the locals at their favourite lake

In the summertime, relax at Milan’s man-made lake, Idroscalo.

See more at @TimeOut

Because 20 never is enough…Write us an email, with the following issue: “What I would like to do in Milan? “. Milan Design Agenda wants to know what kind of adventures you’re in!

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3 years ago

Superb ……. Great blog. I really loved this place and its looks too good and so beautiful.Thanks Regard.