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Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases
Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases

With Salone del Mobile almost there, we present you the latest news of the Porro’s brand, an italian design furniture.

Porro with Steininger in Wien

Porro continues the on-going collaboration with Steininger Designers, its historic retailer in Austria and manufacturer of its own line of high-end kitchens.
On the Occasion of Home Depot, in addition to the exhibition space in the historic 19th-century spaces of the Semper Depot in Vienna, a former warehouse for theater props and decorations, Steininger opens two spacious lofts with magnificent views on Vienna.

Milan-Design-Week-Porro-New-Releases-with-Steininger-in-Wien Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week Porro New Releases with Steininger in Wien
The first apartment, with a warm and cozy style thanks to the Porro panelling system in natural hemlock, proposes in the dining area next to the kitchen by Steininger the Minimo table and the Groove bench in the same essence, with a Japanese aesthetics. Even the Storage walk-in closet is presented in hemlock, in the “cenere” finishing enclosed by Iron doors with metal profile, for a more precious effect.

The second loft characterized by a more graphic and clean style, transforms the bedroom into a glass cube, created by the rigorous lines of two Storage Air self-standing walk-in closets. The pure white surface of the walls is matched to “carbone” oak, for an effect of strong impact.

Salone del Mobile 2015 – 14/19 Aprile – Porro’s Invitation

During Salone del Mobile, the Brand will be showcasing Showroom Porroduriniquindici
“cabinet of curiosities ”where visitors can discover the sophisticated woods, shiny lacquers
and the precious details of your dream closet – featuring the extraordinary boxes created by a selectionof top international designers to celebrate porro’s 90th anniversary. Installation will be made by Piero Lissoni.

Milan-Design-Week-Porro-New-Releases-salone-del-mobile Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week Porro New Releases salone del mobile

Graphic linearity, theatrical atmospheres and a bit of voyeurism: the installation “Cabinet of Curiosities” transformed Porro showroom into the elegant boutique of a tailor, a place of dreams and escape where – among refined essences, bright lacquers and precious details –the amazing wooden boxes signed by a selection of top international designers to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the brand will be revealed.

Porro’s 90 anniversary – wooden boxes

Continuing the path of research on wood which distinguishes the company, and starting from the theme of “containing” which is typical of its work on systems, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Front, Gamfratesi, Piero Lissoni, LucidiPevere, Alessandro Mendini, Neri&Hu, Elisa Ossino, Christophe Pillet, Soda Des/gners, and other special names were invited to design their ideal wooden box, to “test” firsthand the high technical, material and aesthetic quality of each Porro creation as well as its ability to fulfill the wishes of each designer, accomplishing a broad spectrum of personalizations.

Milan-Design-Week-Porro-New-Releases-wooden-boxes-2 Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week Porro New Releases wooden boxes 2

Milan-Design-Week-Porro-New-Releases-wooden-boxes Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week Porro New Releases wooden boxes
If Piergiorgio Cazzaniga’s wooden box is ispired by the “meda”, the woodstack once made in the villages to dry the wooden boards creating real wooden towers, that looks like a Japanese architecture, Gamfratesi’s wooden box is an homage to Porro’s logo designed in 1966 by Bruno Munari with its O shape that opens up like a ladybug, while the Lucidipevere’s is a wooden box made from one single veneer sheet, curved and closed through a brass jo int that functions as an opening system.

Novelties 2015 – Front

The creative understanding of the company continues with the Fronts,
the Swedish designers who have become the spokeswomen for a personal and free approach to design, drawing upon different worlds and mixing up their inspirations. The Ellipse table is indeed a sculpture born of the encounter between two volumes: the top and the base are two regular ellipses balanced on each other which experiment with a daring support on curved surfaces.

Milan-Design-Week-Porro-New-Releases-novitta Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases Milan Design Week: Porro New Releases novitta
Ellipse table has a delicate yet majestic design which pays homage to the ellipse, a shape of great appeal with innate grace. From a functional point of view, it’s a table with a unique, powerful design, conceived in a proportion which can fit into any home and is able to accommodate from 6 to 8 diners comfortably. Unique and functional in the dining room, it can at the same time be a table of great character and sculptural proportions for exterior use, a unique, highly versatile piece for indoor or outdoor spaces.

What are you waiting to see this amazing brand in Milan Design Week? From 14th to 19th of April you can visit it at Hall 7 / Stand D15–E18.

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