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Il Grande Hotel et de Milan has a new intimate Dimore Studio decor

Located in the heart of the city, a few steps from the Teatro alla Scala, the fashion district and t ...

Best Milan restaurants – discover all the Michelin star winners PART II

After a first glance to Milan restaurants awarded with Michelin star on the previous week, today we ...

Italian design news – Pierro Lissoni and B&B Italia designed new sofa

The premium Italian design manufacturer B&B ITALIA teamed up with designer heavyweight Piero Lis ...

8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014
8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014

Do you remember what is Milan Design Agenda statement? “Provide the best events, fashion trends, stores with the best brands…”. Milan said goodbye to Milan Fashion Week 2014, with astonishing trens in multiple colors and textures, from minimalism to exhuberant… But no, it’s time to down the curtain, and prepare to iSaloni 2014 (8th to 13th April 2014), the major world design event, that Milan will host once again.Untill then, Milan Design Agenda will let you know today, where are the most amazing restaurants to dining at Milan, for who attend to iSaloni 2014.


"8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014-Gold by Dolce Gabbana" isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 Gold by Dolce Gabbana e1393419828489


From top chefs to award-winning cuisine, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Milan. Spice up your life and savor some of the best food the city has to offer to your mouth.


isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 bb upholstery 750




Via Gastone Pisoni 1
Milan 20121


The award-winning Nobu chain has teamed up with Armani design house to bring a fine dining restaurant to the Armani Via Manzoni building. The ground floor features a lounge bar, while the restaurant lives on the first floor. Armani’s influence dominates the space, with exquisite floral decorations on each table, while Nobu’s traditional sushi, tempura and seafood rule the menu.


"8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014-NOBU by Armani" isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 NOBU by Armani e1393425091576


SEE ALSO:Milan restaurants to dine this weekend-Mudec restaurant


Il Coriandolo
Via Dell’Orso
Milan 1 – 20122


Located in the shadows of Milanese trademarks like Teatro alla Scala and Piazza Duomo, Il Coriandolo has quietly become a favorite dining room in an elegant setting over the years. Fresh fish and seafood visit the menu daily, along with other authentic Italian dishes. Open year-round, Il Coriandolo is a friendly environment with three dining rooms and an outdoor porch option.


Gold-Dolce & Gabbana
Piazza Risorgimento
Angle Via Carlo Poerio


Having firmly supplanted themselves atop the list of the world’s finest fashion houses, Dolce & Gabbana now takes their lust for luxe living to the restaurant game. Gold is their first concept restaurant, coffee room and cocktail bar. An interior dripping with, you guessed it? Gold everywhere you look, provides and exciting and uplifting experience as you peruse the menu rife with Italian tradition and regaled for its Mediterranean influences.


Milan-City-Guide-Best-Bars-in-Milan-Restaurant-Gold-DG isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 Milan City Guide Best Bars in Milan Restaurant Gold DG


Via Piero della Francesca, 68


One of the places to eat in Milan that you would be sorry to miss, Chatulle is rather heaven-like with its all-cream interior of arches, diaphanous floor-length curtains, padded leather seating, bleached oak tables, limestone floor tiles and a dazzlingly sparkly crystal chandelier that stretches the length of the bar. With a plentiful supply of gratuitous mirrors, it gently indulges the Milanese vanities.


Chatulle restaurant isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 Chatulle Restaurant e1393425588615


Via F Lippi, 7


Walking to one’s table in this one of Milanese gourmet restaurants feels like the green mile down a Gucci catwalk during Milano Fashion Week, past a tiered audience of diners scrutinizing your ill-advised non-Gucci outfit. In fact the sharp, dark chocolate interior is so Gucci that the label hosted its new designer’s launch party here.


Eda Milano isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 Eda Milano e1393425640718


isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 kk sconces 750


Just Cavalli cafe
Via L Camoens


Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, famed for his flamboyant furs and feathers, has now enabled dining out in Milan Just Cavalli-style, naming the restaurant after his diffusion line. In true Cavalli spirit, this glass and brushed steel horseshoe structure is decorated with wild animal prints (from Roberto Cavalli Casa no less), baroque crystal chandeliers, exotic flowers, mirrors and a brace of Argentinian mastiffs that treat the place like their palace. Milan Design Agenda editor’s choice....


Just Cavalli isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 Just Cavalli Restaurant e1393425887370


via Solferino, 35


Italy and East meet at Milan. How cool and fashion this is? Creating a refined and exclusive environment that is characterized by the intimate and refined interior and the careful research and the expression of more advanced concepts of the kitchen.


Shiki isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 Shiki Restaurant at Milan e1393425775801


Riad Yacout
Via Cadore 23


Take some sequined belly dancers, add exotic drummers and singers, summon a retinue of fez-hatted, babouche-soled waiters laden with tagines of couscous and silver pots of mint tea, scatter rose petals liberally about a gold mosaic floor and finish with a puff on the hookah – and there you will be eating Moroccan in Milan but feeling like you’re in Las Vegas. Milan Design Agenda seriously advice you to go into this Moroccan paradise. Fan of garrish colors? Exotic decoration? Welcome to Riad Yacout.


Riad Yacout isaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 8 amazing restaurants to dining at iSaloni 2014 Riad Yacout Milan Restaurant e1393426007712

See you at iSaloni 2014!

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